valVal is an empath, psychic medium, channel, and Seichim Reiki master teacher. She received her first recognized “download” in 2004 at the age of 46 and wondered “why now?” Looking back on her life, she realized she had been receiving messages for a long time, but never connected it to being a medium. When this download came through, she was peaceful, calm, and “in the moment” which she seldom was, as her head was constantly thinking, planning, etc. This began her path as a psychic medium. She read a lot and took classes to help develop her gifts primarily as a claircognizant and clairsentient, and started doing readings for people. She realized how people carried a lot of weight on their shoulders for a number of reasons, once a loved one dies. Years later, she was wide awake and had a clear vision of a search party walking side by side along a remote highway looking for a body and in her mind she kept telling them to “go further in, across the fence, under the fallen tree”. That vision invoked her desire to help families not only find closure through her readings, but by locating missing people. It wasn’t long after, that taking a Psychic Detective class from Sunny Dawn Johnston led her to the FindMe organization which she initially joined in 2010. She is very grateful for the opportunity to help others, and proud to be a member of FindMe.

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