stacyI’m Stacey Fields with Findme. I’m from Atlanta, and I currently live in North Atlanta with my husband and two children. As a Forensic Underwriter, current investigative profiler, and Life Coach,  I wanted to help Findme with their journey to help those suffering with missing family members. I became a member of Findme in early 2012 after hearing many cases on the news, and hearing about a cold case that re-opened with my husband’s family. Both of these situations lit a fire in me and I had to do something to help. I have worked numerous, numerous cases with this organization over the years. Each one has impacted me and stays with me daily.

I’ve also worked with Kelly Snyder to develop a training, testing and mentor ship platform for our new members to succeed. Through this current system, we have an outstanding success rate finding the missing, and keeping our members well supported in their efforts. It is because of our determination to help those missing that keep this organization climbing with our success rate. Without Findme doing what we do, many of these cases would’ve never been solved. That’s where my determination goes into hyper speed. With this being said, I plan to fight for justice for these family’s affected by a crime, to seek justice, and to help the family heal after tragedy has struck. It is my honor to be apart of such an amazing organization.

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