RenateRenate Mousseux M.A. ED – Is a proud member of findme. Body language helps to identify Lying behavior as well as deceit, aggression, not being open and holding back in knowledge…Nonverbal clues are a key issue in solving criminal cases.

Appeared numerous times on CBS, ABC, Fox TV, and all local TV channels, to interpret Body Language on various national and international news. She was called upon to interpret Body Language in the 3 Presidential Debates between President Obama and Governor Romney. She assessed the Body Language in National Court Cases such as Jodi Arias, the Stacey Anthony court case, the Baby Gabriel case, and the Tucson and Colorado shooters. She was interviewed for the Royal Wedding, the White House Situation Room with President Obama and Hilary Clinton, and the famous picture with President Obama and Jane Brewer. She had a Radio KFNX one hour interview. She has been featured in various newspaper articles. Renate is a professional public speaker, educator, and author. She has also assisted as a Cultural Consultant for German, French, and American Companies such as Dial/Henkel and Honeywell/Bull. Renate is happy to provide her expertise assisting the Find Me Team with their investigations.

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