Resource Links – Our Partners

The list of partners–organizations, universities, and institutions that work with us in some way–can be found below.

Arizona Search, Track & Rescue

“Arizona Search Track and Rescue, Inc. (AZ STaR) was formed to provide to the public, trained air, scent and trailing dog/handler teams to assist in locating lost or missing persons. AZ STaR also has dog/handler teams specially trained in Alzheimer’s, cadaver and evidence searches.”

AZ Star works with the Find Me Group on various field missions.  Our partnership has lasted for many years now.

Arizona State University

The Find Me Group is pleased to announce our work with the Arizona State University to use the power of predictive analytics to improve our efforts to find the missing.

You can watch and read more here:


Tri-Force is a think-tank developed by the nonprofit organization Elysian Trust.  It is made up of individuals who have demonstrated an unusually high level of intuition on tests designed to measure intuition capacity.   Tri-Force assists Find Me with their cold cases and supplies corporate intuitionists to Find Me’s Corporate Star Sponsors, for whom they provide the following complimentary services:  intuitive quality checks for job candidates and other forms of screening, intuitive guidance for business decisions, intuitive deception detection, and utilizing high-functioning intuition to minimize uncertainty.

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