Melissa Kim Corter is a best-selling author, investigative profiler, and certified Hypnotherapist certified in 20+ modalities. She helps people release fear and clear limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind and nervous system. This frees them up to be successful, receive, and crate more money, clients, and programs that align with their unique sol’s desire.

One of her passions is volunteering her time to be of service. She is a volunteer investigative profiler for the Find Me Group, a Nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting law enforcement and families locating missing loved ones, assisting in solving homicides and identifying locations of victims of human trafficking.

Melissa’s works with the human nervous system, to retrieve information to bring to light for her clients.  Her specialty is mixing neuroscience, with shamanism, hypnotherapy, and energy work. She creates experiences to help them shift patterns, habits, and trauma to create a new outcome. One of her renowned gifts is taking people into deep levels of relaxation, projecting her voice to take you on a peaceful and transformational journey.

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