Jessica T. Salkeld is an experienced criminologist that has conducted countless investigations as well as consulted on active investigations throughout her career over the last two decades.  Jessica has a background in Law Enforcement with a focus on violent offenders. She has held various law enforcement/investigative roles and government appointments in both the United States and Canada.

Jessica holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Management with a focus on violent offenders and homicide investigations including the study of blood spatter pattern analysis. Jessica also holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science.

Jessica was contracted as a Special Investigator for the United States Office of Personnel Management before relocating to Canada.  Jessica specialized in complex investigations and interrogations of subjects holding various levels of government positions.

After relocating to Canada Jessica was appointed by the government of Alberta to the position of Special Constable. Jessica was later appointed to the highest level of Community Peace Officer (Level 1). Jessica served in this position for eight years as a law enforcement officer effecting arrests, conducting investigations and providing emergency medical care in a hospital setting. Jessica advised on security procedures and protocol. Jessica also trained as a close protection specialist and provided security details and personal protection for many high-ranking officials and dignitaries as well as government employees under threat. Jessica was certified in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Verbal Judo, Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT), knife defense, incident command systems and close protection.

Jessica is currently an Emergency Medical Responder registered with the Alberta College Of Paramedics while upgrading and transitioning to full Paramedic. Jessica has consulted on cases with the Find Me Group since 2013.

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