Jeanette is an English member currently living in France. Jeanette is one of the earliest members of FindMe, having joined the group in 2003 and is highly respected in her field, earning praise and recognition from her peers.

As a retired nurse, Jeanette’s vocation has always been to help others, and felt drawn to offer her services to the FindMe Group.

Jeanette uses her skills as an investigative profiler to work remotely to support the FindMe Group in their quest to bring the missing home. She has worked as an investigative consultant for the UK police force and directly with concerned families. Jeanette specialises in cases involving children and violent crime.

Jeanette’s outstanding ability, along with her sensitivity and genuine care makes her a highly valued member of the FindMe Team.

Jeanette autobiography “The Right Side of the Moon” was published in 2016.

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