Jacki has been a member of The Find Me Group since August of 2010. She volunteers as an Investigative Consultant with the group.

Jacki became interested in joining the group because her friend was a cold case murder victim and she knows how it feels not to have any type of closure.

Jacki has worked cases in the past with the Yuma, AZ Police Dept.; the Scottsdale, AZ Police Dept.; and with local and state officials in AR as an Investigative Consultant, dating back to 1989.

She also has worked with the “Black and Missing Foundation” as an Investigative Consultant.

During her time with the Find Me Group, Jacki’s investigations have come within yards and feet of seven different missing persons by using her GPS co-ordinates.

In so doing supporting the Find Me Group in their quest to bring the missing home and in turn help families try to find closure for their loved ones.

Jacki is a proud member of the Find Me Group and recommends it highly to families dealing with a missing person.

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