Heidi Wright’s – first career was as an Officer for the California Highway Patrol. She had instinctive abilities since childhood, but kept them secret. She secretly used her abilities and learned to ‘trust her hunches’ on a daily basis while on street patrol, and that not only kept her safe but helped her investigate cases. After 13+ years as an Officer, she retired due to an on-duty injury. After retirement from law enforcement, she became a professional investigative Consultant . She has been featured in a best seller, co-authored a best seller, and has been appearing on hit TV shows in Japan and Korea since 2006.

She wanted to be a part of the Find Me team as a way of making use of her extensive police training, and donating her time and efforts for a most worthy cause. Heidi will work on a select few police cases, and with the Find Me team, however those are the only ‘people’ cases she works on.

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