FIND ME Guidelines

Investigative Reporting Requirements:

  1. All members must use reporting form unless advised otherwise.
  2. Failure to respond to all assignments and queries may be cause for removal.
  3. Positive or negative response or excuse is required on ALL CASES.
  4. Absence from the group must be reported to Kelly providing dates you will be unavailable.
  5. Cases for  group consideration must be forwarded to Kelly.
  6. All group members have an equal vote on all group issues.
  7. All members must check their emails daily in the event of an emergency assignment.
  8. Personal information is required for the group roster. It remains in my possession and is not shared.
  9. Your photo and bio can be placed on the Find Me website once you have passed your one year probationary period.
  10. Find Me services are free of charge.
  11. Membership dues to join are $50 per year. Collected before March 31st of each year.

a. Amber Alert or Similar Urgent Investigation – Immediate to 48 hours.
b. All other assignments -Seven (7) days or less.


FIND ME Code of Ethics

As a FIND ME (FM) member and professional, my fundamental duty is to serve humankind; to preserve life, to alleviate suffering, respect human dignity and to encourage others to develop the same philosophy by my actions, words and integrity.

As a member of FM I agree to promote the concept of team effort and will not behave in a manner that will discredit me, my team and any associated FM team resources. I will always treat others with dignity and respect.

As a FM member i will always act as a professional and will not say anything to any FM member or anyone outside of the FM organization that is not truthful. I will act professional at all times while instated as a FM member. I will always conduct myself in an exemplary fashion, both in my professional and personal life.

As a FM member, all business communication, public speaking, media contact must be approved by the FM board of directors or Kelly Snyder, founder of the FM group.

As a FM member, I will honor and uphold the confidentiality and privacy on any and all investigations, information or event considered to be confidential.

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