Wendy Ishie-Katen – I feel honored to be a part of the Find Me Group. I joined the group in 2009 after listening to one of the psychics for Find Me talk about the group on a Blog Talk Radio Show. I was working on missing children cases on my own and was thrilled to hear about the group. I wanted to do more so I contacted Kelly and was accepted into the group. This has been an extraordinary experience and I plan to stay for many years to come.

My abilities include Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Mediumship. My first psychic experience happened at age five when I channeled my first spirit. My abilities continued to grow throughout the years. I didn’t understand my experiences until a psychic friend told me I was an Empath about 8 years ago. This is when I began to research psychic abilities which led me down the path of self-discovery and psychic development. I am now an Ordained Minister, Professional Angel Communicator, Psychic Medium and Healer. My passion is to help people however I can.

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