Tammy Carpenter – is an intuitive author, teacher, and psychic medium. She grew up in Wyoming with a charmed life, which was turned upside down by a traumatic divorce and the death of first one parent and then the other. Tammy found reassurance of a higher power in Native American spirituality and learning to listen to her inner voice through a variety of meditations including journeying to the underworld to contact animal spirit totems. This transformation has allowed her to develop psychic abilities like intuitive writing, drawing and communicating with the spirits of her departed parents.

Tammy has taught art for seventeen years and holds a M.A. in Art Education. She co-taught a Native American Pit Fire and Sweat lodge Summer Workshop for teachers through The Wyoming Department of Education. Teachers camped in the mountains and attended a traditional sweat lodge ceremony and feast. They created earth fired pottery, leather rattles, and sage smudge sticks. The class culminated in drumming and singing traditional chants around the campfire.

Tammy Carpenter writes inspirational books, teaches spiritual seminars, and does intuitive readings. She is also a volunteer member of the Find Me group which combines psychic, investigative, and canine search & rescue to solve missing person cases worldwide. Always a fan of Nancy Drew Murder Mysteries, volunteering for Find Me has been one of the most rewarding and fascinating uses of her intuitive gifts.