stacyStacey Fields -A natural born Psychic medium Growing up and still living in North Atlanta. My gifts are on various levels. I’m a remote viewer ( which is like a movie playing in my head of a past event, or a current event), and I do have most of the “clairs”as well. My intuition was always present from a very early start. Looking back I realize it was simply a “knowing” at a younger age, just knowing a lot about a person or event, but not being able to exactly articulate it. It never scared me when I was younger, but I should not have known about certain things and that was confusing as a child. I pushed my medium ability off during my teen years as much as I could.

In my early 20’s my gifts developed at a very rapid pace, and were very hard to ignore any longer. After seeing the Archangel Gabriel and Michael (the angle of intuition and protection), also “hearing” loud and clearly from them I was a gifted psychic medium, I figured I better start paying close attention. Luckily for me I can turn these gifts on and off like a light switch after many years of working at it. I’m also a healer, and currently practice this as well as give readings to a select few.
I’m currently blessed to be the FINDME test administrator and have been with Findme for many, many years. I conduct the interviews with potential candidates and test them to see if they may a fit for this amazing organization. Using my gifts in a variety of ways allows me to read into the candidates abilities. I love the work I do, but to also help families I would have never been able to reach out to otherwise.
While working each case, I never know what gift will present itself to me exactly. I kind of leave that up to my guides to decide. I know they’ll give to me what I need to know and trusting is the key to this work. I may “hear” names or “remotely see” what happened, and or see the suspects face. In most cases, I get more than one or two things. Sometimes I get the entire book cover to cover on a case, including the gps coordinates of out victims.  I’ve figured out I’m most accurate when it comes to the suspect involved, and if the missing person is alive or not. Since I’ve worked investigations and fraud for many years, and do private readings, I feel God placed me exactly where I was suppose to be with this wonderful group. When I’m not working I spend all the time I can with the most precious people in the world, my beautiful children, my husband, and our very spoiled rotten golden retriever.
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