Shari is a renowned intuitive, healer, and remote viewer. A PhD, she also holds a Masters Degree in Investigative Forensic Sciences and has completed formal training in crime scene investigation, criminal profiling, fingerprint analysis, forensic photography, forensic psychology, forensic pathology, and major case investigation. These formal studies complement her natural spiritual gifts as a remote viewer, expanding her sight and perception for assigned missing persons cases.

She has had her intuitive abilities since childhood. Using her remote viewing and channeling abilities, she is able to see, sense, and tune into a person’s energy. During the process of healing the grief brought on by personal tragedies, she feels she has a divine purpose to bring comfort, hope, and understanding to others as a conduit of Spirit. Through her readings and visions, over the years, she has been able to help numerous clients. As a professional reader and healer, she incorporates her remote viewing abilities with healing techniques to provide greater insight and spiritual counsel to others. Her primary gifts are clairvoyance and clairsentience.
Since being introduced to Kelly Snyder, she has volunteered her gifts for the worthwhile mission of FIND ME. Through her work with the FIND ME group, she uses her intuitive gifts to help law enforcement solve murder and missing persons cases. By combining her intuitive abilities, with her extensive forensic training, scientific, and medical background, she is currently exploring additional training to work more closely alongside medical examiners to investigate deaths and injuries that occur under unusual or suspicious circumstances. As a Forensic Psychic Investigator, her primary goal and purpose is to support and bring closure to the families of missing loved ones.

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