Rhonda is a psychic medium.  Since about the age of 5, Rhonda has been seeing, feeling, hearing and talking to spirits.  Her gifts include Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Empath, & Psychometry. As a child and young adult, Rhonda says that while she embraced her gifts, she felt awkward speaking about it to those around her unless she knew that they would be accepting. It wasn’t until Rhonda was in her mid 30’s that she began to utilize her abilities and put her gifts to better use by helping the living. Having worked a lot of her life in customer service/management, Rhonda says it was often difficult to shut off her gifts while at work. Often she would find herself giving comforting messages to co-workers about a loved one who had passed or their life in general of things yet to happen. Rhonda joined FindMe in 2010 after sharing her experiences with another psychic medium and considers the work she does with FindMe, as the most rewarding part of her life as a psychic. Helping families to find closure is her quest in life.

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