Patrica Rogel – A natural psychic empath from as far back as she can remember, some of Patti’s first memories were of experiencing the energy and emotions of those around her. Honing this ability has been a lifelong pursuit; one that continually strengthens her connections to the people around her and varied environments she connects to.

Strong psychic empathy is combined with her work as a medium, clairvoyant, and Reiki master practitioner for a combination that is vital to her work with Find Me. “To be gifted with abilities that can bring about closure and peace is something I am proud of. To be given the opportunity to channel these skills for such an important cause is something that I am grateful for. I only hope that my contribution to Find Me is one that can make a small impact in the lives of those who are lost.”

In addition to her work with the Find Me Organization, Patti owns and operates a center for mind, body & spiritual growth in the Midwest where she teaches psychic development and works with clients as a psychic medium, spiritual counselor, Reiki Master practitioner, intuitive consultant and profiler. Patti utilizes psychic profiling as a way of giving back to the community by assisting law enforcement and families find closure.

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