I’ve been a member of Find Me since 2008. I am a part of both the support team as the director of operation and I am one of the actual intuitionists.  Kelly and the others have kindly allowed me to test and experiment with ways to safely and ethically hone members’ abilities (my background is in statistics and clinical biofeedback).  One of the hardest things for most intuitionists to do is to reliably intuit alphanumerics like license plate numbers or GPS coordinates.  I am primarily working on a methodology or set of methodologies to help address that issue.

Oh, as for the ability I claim to have as a Find Me intuitionist, I’ll often have a memory, dream, or daydream that seems to have come out of the blue.  Upon inspection, the content in these particular episodes often provide forensic clues to a case, as well as glean leaps of insight that help to give law enforcement a crucial narrative that solves a case.  This may not sound supernatural because it possibly is not.  I don’t know if what I do for Find me as an intuitionist is paranormal or if ordinary nature just took a few uncommon routes with my brain’s wiring. Whatever the case may be, it’s been very useful for coming up with helpful facts that, at least on the surface, seem impossible for me to have known.

I am not a professional psychic, so I do not charge for readings or anything like that. In fact, I’ve never given a reading in my entire life.  However, I do enjoy finding humanitarian and volunteer work outlets for what I do.  To date this has been through Find Me, volunteering as an ESP, sleep, and memory test-subject for a couple of universities, and working as a member of an invitational think-tank that openly employs intuitionists and other types of people with other types of high-ranged cognitive skills.

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