Nancy Yakamovich –I joined the findme2 group in January of 2009. Throughout the past year I have been working with Kelly and his organization to add my contribution to the group and their special talent’s.  I have been drawing angels for about twenty years. My intuitive techniques are centered around my talent for drawing faces. My original art talent was used to capture Angel Faces but over the last three years these faces became very different. No longer were my intuitive drawings that of gentle sweet faces of the angels but that of very ordinary looking people who had a story to tell. These faces along with the Automatic Writings I would receive began to show me that there were more important ways to use the gift GOD blessed me with. I will usually have at least one or two drawings of possible suspects and one or two writings that go together to make up the information to be investigated.

The direction my art has taken me in, has allowed me to be useful in a way that might be helpful in bringing missing persons home to their families or  closure to their searching for answers.

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