Mission and History


The mission of FIND ME (alternatively Find ME or Find Me) is to bring resolution and closure to families of missing persons. Whether it is children or adults that have been abducted, victims of homicide or other unexplained disappearances, Find Me is devoted to their families and seeks justice for the missing.


Founded in 2002 by J.E. “Kelly” Snyder.

As a retired law enforcement officer, Kelly wanted to remain involved in community service. While volunteering at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children he met two mothers. Both mothers had experienced first hand the loss of a child by a stranger abduction. Kelly could not get her story out of his mind, or the inability for that mother to find closure. It was a heart wrenching journey for Kelly through the emotions of that parent. His decision to start Find Me was driven by that conversation. With the continued increase in abductions, missing persons and unsolved homicides across all cultures, financial status and family lifestyles, it felt imperative to Kelly to provide hope and resolution to families. With his background in investigative law enforcement strategies, his connections with search resources and his successful experience with intuitive consultants. Kelly knew that Find ME would make a difference to the families and..friends of those missing.

Who We Are..

Find Me is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of talented intuitives, law enforcement officers, scientists, and professional search & rescue volunteers from all over the world. This unique group offers not only practical support through the expertise of investigative strategies, the experience of retired law enforcement, and skilled search & rescue professionals, but also the talents of hyper-intuitive individuals. Since its inception Find Me has received over 400 requests for help, and the number of requests are..increasing. Our network of 200 screened volunteers work collectively together to locate the missing and solve homicides.

You Can Find Help with Find ME

Memories fade. The uncertainty of not knowing what happened or the whereabouts of the missing never does.

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