MichelleDurnell_sWith over 35 years of business experience, Michelle’s knowledge is vast. From being a licensed real estate broker in Arizona, practicing residential and commercial, to publishing her own magazines, marketing, advertising, managing, hiring, training, event planning, trade show production, public speaking, promoter, radio and more; the one skill Michelle possesses that she has an incredible passion for is her gift of intuition and knowing. Being exceptionally creative and a visionary, in the true sense of the word, Michelle has utilized her ability as a Psychic throughout her entire professional life.   Her position and involvement with Find Me is the perfect fit, because it enables her to utilize all of her skills, abilities, gifts and talents. Michelle states, “Closing multi-million dollar real estate transactions has been the easy part. Building, organizing, promoting, and producing are my true talents. Tapping into the universe to see, know, hear and feel is the ultimate ability for which I am grateful and blessed to have.” All while running her businesses and managing hundreds of real estate agents, since the late 90’s Michelle has been an ‘under the radar’ practicing Psychic. With documented accuracy, she zeros in on past, current and future circumstances by utilizing her clairaudient (hearing), claircognizant (knowing), clairvoyant (seeing), and clairsentient (feeling) ability.  Michelle’s certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (an approach to communication and system of thinking) and Psych-K (a process that helps change self-sabotaging beliefs at a subconscious level) has helped influence the way she communicates information. Michelle embraces contributing her psychic and professional ability to assist Find Me; yet her heart is in working with the families to bring closure, peace and enlightenment. Contact Michelle at michelle@findmegroup.org “Let’s get creative and think of ways we can continue to provide the services that will bring resolution, closure and justice to families of missing persons.”

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