KristinePKrystaline is a pioneer in the field of Crystal Healing with an international following, and is well respected for her work as a professional psychic.  She uses a combination of clairaudience and remote viewing via Google Earth to help locate missing people.  Krystaline does workshop facilitation in Crystal Healing and Dowsing.  Her expertise in the psychic realm has helped many people find the answers they are looking for, and does readings in the areas of love and relationships, career and finance, and life path.  Her divination style is very precise and she is able to not only pinpoint what the outcome will be, but also predict when it will take place, often times down to the day.  What really feeds her soul, is volunteering with FindMe to help families find the answers they desperately need.  She uses a combination of remote dowsing, clairaudience, and uses her kunzite pendulum over various charts to confirm the findings.  She has come up with her own style of divination using technology, and her gifts as a psychic.  Working as a team member with FindMe and Arizona Search Track and Rescue is what gives her life purpose.

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