julesJulie Ray – has 25 years experience in two emergency service careers with nearly 15 years experience in various departments and runs her own successful business Julie Ray ‘ Living’ as a Holistic Therapist, Advanced Energy Field Healer, Psychic/Medium/Clairvoyant and NLP Empowerment Coach. She also has 10 years experience working within the medical profession as a Registered General Nurse, the latter 5 years working as a Sister on a Coronary Care Unit, dealing with life and death situations on a daily basis.

Julie has always felt that she was here to ‘help people and make a difference in the world’. Now using the wealth of knowledge, experience, skills and Psychic ‘gifts’, she is honored to be able to assist Kelly Snyder and the Find Me Team in their mission in helping with missing persons and homicide cases.

Julie is able to see, sense, hear and tune in energetically to people, places, land, situations, buildings and photographs in order to obtain accurate information which can be passed onto the team. She is able to see ‘Spirit’ and people who have passed over, enabling her to bring messages to those left behind, bringing comfort, understanding, healing and closure for grief stricken families.

I am truely blessed to be part of such a fantastic team that continues to do great work in helping people.

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