My Name is Jeanette Ann Healey. I am an English member who has lived in France for over six years. I joined FIND ME in 2003. It is a great group of gifted, dedicated people and I am happy to be one of the earliest members.

My beliefs are that if you help others with your gift, then what else could be better. From a young child I was given all the natural skills of knowing, seeing and hearing spirit. This Gift is from my paternal Grandmother and my own Father.

It developed as I grew older and I discovered I could do other things like Psychometry. This is an ability to receive vibrations and images by holding physical objects.

Remote Viewing is another interesting skill, whilst speaking to some-one on the phone; I could be shown the inside of their house or where they are standing.

I worked for years, with a dear friend who was a psychic artist and we could draw the faces of wanted or murdered people. She has since passed on but is trying to help me with the drawings that I am trying to do now. The visions that come to me can be out of the blue when I am in a normal situation which are a Day vision or in the form of Night Dreams. I work best when I am asked to go to areas to find where people have laid or are buried.

Working for the police and private cases to assist families is what I am supposed to do on this path that I have been given. Doing this work especially for the Children that are the innocent victims of crime is my passion.

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