Kelly Snyder of the FIND ME group helps investigators in a large serial killer case spanning the entire U.S.

The alarming number of young men drowning across the country has caught the attention of federal law enforcement.

For years, criminologists and victims’ families have wondered for years if the deaths are connected or if such a link is merely an urban legend. Federal authorities are said to be considering a nationwide investigation.

After a Northwestern student was found dead in Wilmette Harbor in 2012, we reopened the I-Team file.

It was September 22, 2012. Northwestern sophomore Harsha Maddula partied with friends. Just after midnight he headed home alone. Then he went missing. Five days later, he was found floating in Wilmette Harbor. There have been hundreds of similar cases across the country: college age men disappearing, usually after late night socializing, then turning up dead in a body of water. Elgin native Brian Welzien was one of them.

“I totally, 100-percent feel he was murdered,” his mother Stephany Welzien said.

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