Accepts $90,000 FACES™ Software donation

HOUSTON, TX. May 3, 2013. Find Me has accepted a $90,000 donation of FACES police sketch software, which will allow up to 150 of its members. This donation will allow a significant enhancement of the member’s ability to identify the perpetrators in current/cold cases. FACES™ is a world leading technology that “mimics” a police sketch artist, based in Houston, TX.

Find Me is an organization of talented,vetted intuitive consultants,current and retired law enforcement officers, forensic experts and professional search and rescue volunteers from all over the world working with law enforcement and families to find missing loved ones and solve homicides.

This unique group offers not only practical support through the expertise of retired law enforcement, but search & rescue professionals with canine support with certification in tracking and cadaver search.

Kelly Snyder, founder, says “Our members have found that there is no other software in the world that can be as effective in helping our members to document the image that they can see in their vision. This added state of the art technology has the potential to allow us to solve many more cold cases than we currently do today”.

About FIND ME:
Dedicated professionals from all around the world assisting law enforcement and families to locate their loved ones, provide closure, solve homicides and bring justice to those that otherwise would go free.

About FACES ™:
FACES police sketch software is a leading facial composite technology for law enforcement agencies in North America and the world. FACES 4.0 LE is currently used by thousands of policing agencies worldwide, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (see:

FACES 4.0 EDU is used by educational institutions to study forensic science, art, history, and other course studies (see: Ask us about our FACES donation campaign. Further information about IQBM can be found at

Also, visit our Facebook page at: Our headquarters are in Houston, TX.

Contact information for FACES™:
Public Relations 713.661.6539

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