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Your generous contribution enables Find Me to provide services free of charge to families and to Law Enforcement Agencies.

Find Me assists families, friends, loved ones and Law Enforcement agencies to help locate missing persons and victims of unsolved homicides. Find Me also provides support services and resources to families to help them cope

Be part of the solution by donating to Find Me. You can donate by credit card or by sending checks made payable to Find Me and mail to:

Find Me
2925 E. Riggs Road, Ste. 121
Chandler, AZ 85249
Non profit – 501(c)3 EIN: 45-3647310

Monthly Giving
Find Me has a convenient option so that you can contribute monthly with an easy one time set-up. Your commitment to becoming a partner in our monthly giving program is Find Me primary resource to assist and provide services to locate the missing and support those families going through the devastation of not knowing where their loved one is.

Annual Giving
If you prefer to give through our annual campaign, those contributions not only go towards helping Find Me to bring cases to resolution. Annual contributions also help Find Me with specialized equipment needs and programs to increase our ability to bring resolution to families and support those families ongoing with family programs.

The John Doe Society
Please consider taking the extra step to be part of “the John Doe” Society.” At Find Me there are no John Doe’s, people that go missing or that have lost their life under unusual circumstances are some ones loved one. They matter. Find Me cares about the missing, their families and the impact that person has, through family and community. Annual membership to the John Doe Society begins with an annual contribution and a monthly investment. The John Doe Society offers it’s members networking and engagement opportunities during events and functions.

All or part of your donation is tax deductible. If you have additional questions please contact

Remember…it could happen to you or someone you care about.

Thank you for your generous support.

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