Dawn was born with the gift of seeing spirits and having knowledge of things that were about to happen or have already happened. She also is an empath and can feel illnesses in other people living and past over. She lives her life to the fullest having many different experiences, knowing that the world is her oyster. She is an Army Veteran, spending 7 years total in the military, with a Top Secret Clearance. She now owns a business in Chandler, with clients all over the world, doing readings, home blessings, mentoring other psychic mediums, and works as a life coach. She believes that her God given gifts, and working in an honest, no nonsense, down to earth, loving way, has been the reason for her great success.

Dawn has always been involved in volunteer efforts, working mostly with the homeless, proving necessities and food. On January 7, 1994, Dawn’s father, Aaron Sanford, disappeared into the Tampa Triangle, never to be seen again. After this, Dawn added a new desire to her passion of helping others, by assisting in search and rescues. She knows too well, the feeling of never knowing the real answers and never being able to recover her father’s body or boat. Through her life, she has stumbled upon searches. It’s like they found her. She has given up vacations because she was pulled into searches in that area. She has had great success in finding pets and lost people. In 2016, Dawn teamed up with Find Me and volunteers doing remote viewing for them. It fulfills the need to give back, and also gives her peace knowing she’s helping others find their lost loved ones.

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