Christopher Robinson – was born in England. During his life up to the age of 36, he reported having dreams which appeared to come true a few days later. This may have been two or three times a year. The frequency of these prophetic dreams increased and since October 1989 they have been an almost daily occurrence.

The main feature of his almost nightly dreams is that they will show him what will occur in his life the next day. This he says is the case even if he could not possibly know what would happen the next day. For example witness a plane crash or other seemingly unforeseeable event.

He says the laws of physics dictate that given all the data about a given model then it must be possible to predict where every element of the model is at any point in time. Hence our ability to launch a spacecraft on a journey and land it hundreds of millions of miles away on another planet. Given all the data about the universe at one point, should allow us to predict where any single atom, molecule or what ever will be at any other point in time. Is this the mechanism where human beings can dream what is about to happen, or is there another force at work?

Chris joined Find Me to use his unique abilities to help people find their missing loved ones and bring closure

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