Candace Crawford – I am an experienced & trained Private Investigator with over 10 years of experience primarily conducting investigations in child sex-abuse case investigations, in Texas. I was raised in a funeral home family, and have been around death in one way or another, my whole life, and I am able to sense & feel death. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and I currently work in the legal field as a Paralegal. I have a clinical photographic memory, which allows me to grasp minute details often missed by others. I often have dreams and precognitions of kidnappings and murders which helps me to see thru either the eyes of the perpetrator, or the eyes of the intended victim. This helps me to develop my intuition which helps me to sharpen my ability as an empath.

Joining the FIND ME Group has been a great opportunity for me to volunteer my unique gifts & abilities, in service to others and to help fulfill my greatest passion of helping to locate kidnapped & missing children & adults, and to bring closure to the family members. I am honored to be a member of a team comprised of such an amazing group of giving, gifted, and kind hearted people, who truly just want to help in any way they can. My name is Candace Crawford and I am proud to call the FIND ME Group my family.

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