Becky Laney – Her life has unfolded just the way she had hoped. As a youngster  she showed signs of intuition. Even at birth her mother was told she would be a “seer” as she was born with the caul. Becky was  encouraged to develop and share her psychic gifts with others.  Her grandmother was a respected medium and her grandfather was known as the “Spirit Chaser” as he was often called upon to rid homes and businesses of unwanted spirits.  Whether it was due to her grandparent’s influence or her Native blood, Becky  found herself yearning to learn all she could about her gifts and to share what she discovered.

During middle school she read every book she could find that addressed extra sensory perception. Her mother fuelled  her curiosity  by practising remote viewing and automatic writing with her.   Seeking a better  understanding of her intuition, a majority of Becky’s college studies involved psychology.    Richard Bandler was just beginning to publish books on Neurolinguistic Programming and the idea of hypnosis and trance enticed her but it was not enough. Becky continued  to devour   information  related to  the paranormal by taking classes and workshops provided by local and nationally known psychics. She spent many years fine tuning her gifts by learning from and meeting many talented mediums.

In 2004 she opened her successful business, and has helped hundreds of clients.  Her business has  allowed her to incorporate her psychic abilities with healing touch and hypnosis. She is a certified hypnotherapist and a NLP Practitioner.  When she is not with a client, she is either devoting time her family (husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs) or travelling.  She also offers her abilities to law enforcement and families on a voluntary free of charge basis and devotes many hours a week to assisting in the  solving of missing person cases.

When asked to assist in a case, she uses meditative techniques and Spirit Guides.  Her messages are received through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.  She prefers to just call it channeling and not have to explain how it works or which “clair” she may be using.  No two sessions are the same and not all senses are always used.  When working on a case she prefers to have only a picture and a name and no other information.  Becky is doing what she loves best, helping people, sharing her abilities, and connecting with her spiritual awareness.