Barbara Bashley – I don’t remember NOT being Psychic, I think I have been intuitive and sensitive all my life. I was very fortunate to be raised and nurtured by a wonderful Grandfather, who recognized my abilities and did everything possible to guide and train me. He was so kind to me that I never felt different, odd, or out of step. It took me until my teen years to realize that not everyone had these abilities. As an adult, I suffered for several years because of religious teachings which were at odds with what I knew to be the truth. I come from psychic stock on both sides of my family, and have a psychic maternal Grandmother, and a psychic Paternal Grandmother. I am a ‘sensitive’ in that I can feel ailments and illnesses, I have intuitive dreams, and I read Tarot Cards. I was SO glad to find Kelly and the group, because it gave me the opportunity to work in a wider range of cases than I was doing. I LOVE having the support network of the group, and the feedback on cases.

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