Angela remembers relating to the world on an intuitive level from as early as age four. She was the one who just “knew things” about people or situations around her. Even at that age, Angela was skilled in the art of photo psychometry. While most who practice psychometry need to hold the object or photo to work with its energies, Angela needs only to view a photo of a person or pet to be able to have insights and messages come about. This ability is, in part, what lead her to become a member of the FindMe group.

Her life’s journey has thus been one of ongoing discovery, some steep learning curves, and many experiences that have been nothing short of amazing. Angela’s work today as a Psychic Intuitive Medium – sharing her insights and connection with Spirit in a refreshingly grounded, no nonsense, down to earth manner – is a direct result of that journey. Beyond the deeply rewarding work she does through private readings, workshops, and life coaching sessions, she is honoured that she can bring her talents to the service of an organization such as FindMe.
While Angela now calls Victoria, British Columbia home, her work carries her worldwide. Her gift is to create a space for Spirit to flow freely, invite it in, and draw forth and interpret the messages provided. By working “with Angela”, many clients have developed the tools and direction needed to identify and unlock their authentic heart energy, enabling them to more fully embrace the experience they have come here to live.

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